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Extreme Journey takes you on, you guessed it, a journey! Somewhy you decided it'd be a good idea to explore through every part of the world and every bit of your imagination. Drive your SUV through areas such as the jungle, desert, labyrinth, space meteorite, and other "ordinary" stuff.

- What time is it?

You don't need to worry about the time, lad. Unless you want to receive the highest score to satisfy yourself, you can take as long as you wish to complete the level. Or try to be a perfectionist and complete each level within a second. Your decision.

This game is developed by a 15-year-old starting developer. I will probably be working on other projects later, so stay tuned!

Here are the controls:

Arrow keys, well you don't need an explanation for this do you?

M to open the map. Not all levels include a map.

P to pause the game. Pause menu includes the level RESTART, main menu buttons and a volume slider.


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